My letter to my local MP – Tristram Hunt

Tristram Hunt

        Tristram Hunt

A few days ago, I received a letter from my local MP, the Shadow Secretary of State for Education Tristram Hunt.

Jeremy Corbyn

           Jeremy Corbyn

As part of joining the Labour Party in May, I have received numerous letters from the party and this particular one was an invite to a couple of events in my local area to get more engaged with the party. Unfortunately, I am unable to make it to these events so I decided to contact Mr Hunt with what I would have said to him had I had the opportunity to talk to him face to face.

I decided to do this in light of the rumour that Labour MPs are planning to rebel if Jeremy Corbyn wins the leadership elections (link to the story here) and the fact that Mr Hunt has previously stated his opposition to Mr Corbyn.

“Dear Tristram,

I recently received your letter regarding the drinks at White Star and the Parliamentary Outreach session at the YMCA in Hanley. 
Firstly, I’d like to thank you for the invites to the events, having only joined the Labour Party after the recent elections in May, I’m very impressed with the correspondence I have received from yourself and the Party. 
Secondly, I’m afraid I cannot make either of the events as I’m away for the remainder of July and all of August, though if there is anyway I can read updates of the Parliamentary Outreach session then I’d like to keep up to date with the results of that session. I’d also like to thank you with your continued work with your constituents, me and my family have always been very impressed with your work in Stoke. I remember you being more than happy to meet me and my Stoke Sixth Form Politics class down in Westminster back in 2012, we all left being very impressed!
However, my main reason for emailing is just to try and get my points across to you that I would have made had I been able to come to the White Star on the 28th. 
I have always been a socialist since I have been aware of politics and how it works, given that I come from quite a socialist background. Due to this, I am fully pledging my support to Jeremy Corbyn in the leadership election (and I should mention now that my mind cannot be swayed on this matter) as I really feel Labour has to get back to its ways of old – where working class people’s lives actually matter and the success of businesses is not the main priority. I am aware that you aren’t backing Mr Corbyn and I have seen rumours that unnamed Labour MPs are planning a coup against Mr Corbyn should he win, I very much hope you aren’t amongst these, what I would call, traitors to the Labour Party. I really feel that regardless of the victor in the elections, we should all fully back our leader as unity is the only way to win an election, something that we lacked in the May elections, contributing to our disastrous and embarrassing collapse. 
If someone other than Mr Corbyn wins, whether it be Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper or Liz Kendall, then I shall still pledge my support to the party in an effort to rid ourselves of this evil Conservative Government. I personally feel that almost any other result, apart from Mr Corbyn winning, will be a disaster for the party and I fear that we will lose Scotland forever if we don’t go back left, but that won’t stop me from backing the winner to the hilt. 
I strongly ask, beg even, you to back the winner, even if its a result you don’t want, in order to restore the integrity of the party. I have always been proud to call you my local MP and I thoroughly hope you don’t destroy that reputation by attempting to fight back against a leader that Labour members, councillors and fellow MPs voted for. If the party supports a candidate, we should all support that candidate.
I very much hope my words don’t fall on deaf ears, I can’t emphasise enough how important I feel this is.
Once again, thank you for your continued correspondence towards myself and I’m sure towards other Labour members in the area.
Kind regards,
Jimmy Gregory”
It is my sincere hope that Mr Hunt listens to this, as a divided party is exactly what the Conservatives want. I strongly hope Jeremy Corbyn becomes leader and I really hope every single Labour MP, Councillor and member backs him unconditionally instead of throwing a petty tantrum because they haven’t got another Blairite leader. We’ve had years of Blairites in the upper echelons and I am sick of it.
Lets go back to the left, back to our roots and hopefully back into power. Also, excuse the lack of paragraphs in the second half of this, for some reason WordPress is refusing to acknowledge the gaps between each paragraph, hence why its all a bit cramped!
Until next time, Comrades.

One thought on “My letter to my local MP – Tristram Hunt

  1. I’d like Jeremy Corbyn too, but then I was very enthusiastic about Ed Milliband. I was so disappointed by the election campaign, it was totally lame! The trouble nowadays is that all these politicians are scared to say anything definite in case they lose a few votes. They are trying to be ‘all things to all men’ and end up being nothing. Given the public seems to be turning rightwards I suspect that an outspoken leader who stands up for values will just end up like another Michael Foot.

    The one thing everyone should have known about the Coalition government before the election, which was not explained by anyone, not even Ed, was the total scandal of QE. When I first heard about it I just thought it was just the sort of Keynesian fiscal stimulus I would not object too in a recession. I knew it was on a big scale, but when I decided to find out more detail about it I was outraged.

    In a Keynesian fiscal stimulus the central bank ‘prints money’ then uses it to by government bonds, i.e. the government is given the money. This money is then invested in infrastructure etc. to boost productivity and growth of the nation.

    But under QE which was defined as ‘monetary policy’ the Bank of England printed money then used it to buy government bonds back from the private sector. These parasites of course then just used the money to speculate on land and property, boosting the super rich even more!

    The Labour Party before the election should have told the public that while the government was demanding radical cuts in local government spending, and quibbling about one billion here, or one billion there, for health education etc., they were printing £ 375 billion (half of one year’s total government spending) and giving it as a present to their friends in the city. To me this was an outrageous scandal.

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