Darkest Hour


I don’t know where to begin. Last night I really felt a complete sense of total betrayal from my fellow countrymen, 70 years to the day from since becoming victorious in defeating Nazi Germany. The hated Conservative Party were – for some totally unknown reason – voted into Parliament with a majority of the seats. Unbelievable. After everything we have seen in the past few years, how can anyone vote for the most elitist and ruthless scum that Eton has to offer?

Poverty is on the rise in Britain due to the last 5 years of mainly Tory government – say what you like, there is ample evidence to show that the economic crisis was not Labour’s fault so this is not down to them – and more and more people are relying on food banks and the charity of others simply to survive. I know this isn’t exactly Calcutta or a small village in Ethiopia but given that we as a people have much more control over how we live our lives, I am totally disgusted that this electorate has chosen to vote in a government that plans to smash the disadvantaged with £12bn welfare cuts.
stats-header-2015Last year, 1,084,604 people had to turn to food banks in order to survive. How can we vote for a government that created this nightmare for people? What’s more, how can we vote them in with an increase of seats on last time? I cannot believe it. There has never been a time where I have actively wanted to leave this country and never come back, but at times last night there were few other thoughts in my head. I have seen so many people say “This government hasn’t done anything bad to me personally so I may as well vote for them.” These people are selfish and I personally consider them total traitors to the country and it’s population. How can you sell out your fellow humans and countrymen for personal gain? I would never do that. I felt a rush of pride in putting an ‘X’ in the ballot box next to Labour for my first time voting in an election, I knew that a Labour government would help the poor and disadvantaged and save our beloved NHS. Instead, this is an election victory for those that are either permanently healthy or permanently wealthy. If the National Health Service is destroyed in the same vein that it has been in the last 5 years, then we’d all better hope we don’t become ill or hurt, otherwise we could be in considerable danger if we can’t afford our treatment.

BVWXBVcIgAAjSiZ70 years ago today, we celebrated victory against the evils of Nazi Germany, we were united as a country after coming together during the Second World War. The rich and poor suffered, fought, survived and won side by side. That year, a Labour government was voted in that created the National Health Service 3 years later. For 70 years, the NHS saved countless people’s lives and delivered 44 million babies into the country. Now, however, we are witnessing it’s demise. There is a rise in negligence within NHS staff due to poor training and overworking, this in turn is causing more deaths in the NHS. How can we live with this, we have gambled our health and lives for the next 5 years, if we can’t afford what we need, we could all die. In 1983, Neil Kinnock warned “not to be old or sick or unemployed if Thatcher wins”, this seems to apply once again, but this time it seems worse.
During the Scottish Independence Referendum, I was staunchly pro-Union. I didn’t want to see this country broken up for what appeared not particularly good reasons and I felt like working class people in England and Wales would have been abandoned Screen-Shot-2015-02-04-at-14.21.17-620x406to the wrath of the Tories had Scotland become an independent country, I felt it was a time for working class people to unite behind one party and get the Tories out of government. However, after last night, I feel a lot more sympathy towards the SNP and independence campaign. If I was living in Scotland, I would be seriously tempted to cut all ties with the Tory government, I would cut my losses and go. I still wouldn’t want Britain to be broken up as I feel like there would be too many financial implications for Scotland and it would be horrible to see the country possibly end up in more of a mess if independence went wrong. Cameron did a brilliant job of dividing and conquering the working classes. By constantly disparaging SNP, Plaid Cymru and UKIP (as much as the latter thoroughly deserved it) it simply encouraged the flame of nationalism with undecided voters with links to those parties, voters who formerly probably would have voted Labour.

che guevaraThe Etonians rule once again. I feel betrayed and abandoned. I hope in 5 years time we learn from these mistakes and I hope these next 5 years don’t become as totally brutal as they are forecasted to be. This election has pushed me even further to the left, which I didn’t think was possible, the flame of revolution and socialism is burning brighter by the day within me.


6 thoughts on “Darkest Hour

  1. Thanks for voting for union, you did England a favour.

    I despair of the election result, but before it I wrote a spoof election manifesto (in my blog dissentinutopia.wordpress.com), unfortunately it was exactly what the public voted for!

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