Night Adders

Well its been a while, I’ve either been too busy or my mind has just been simply too empty to devote any time to writing on here. As usual though, I am writing this right in the middle of the night (its 04:42am, I’ll delay the publishing time for about 13:00 later today – chances are I’ll still be asleep then), a habit which is becoming alarmingly normal. This could become a slightly mental blog, not that its an unusual occurrence.

I’m currently watching Blackadder whilst writing this. Since the last time I wrote on here, I’ve become totally obsessed with the show, I’ve seen every single episode, special and documentary made. Its absolutely brilliant, every character is totally perfectly written and performed – Tim McInnerny as Lord Percy Percy (pictured) in Blackadder II and Hugh Laurie as Prince Ludwig the Indestructible (Blackadder II); George, Prince of Wales, The Prince Regent (Blackadder the Third) and Lt. the Honourable George Colhurst St. Barleigh (Blackadder Goes Forth) are absolutely incredible examples of the perfectly written and performed characters, that’s without even mentioning Rowan Atkinson – as Blackadder obviously – and Tony Robinson – as Baldrick, again, obviously. I could watch Blackadder all day (I have before) without a break. Its so simple yet so creatively brilliant, by far and away my favourite comedy of all time, proven by how famous the actors in it now are (with the exceptions of Miranda Richardson, Tim McInnerny and Tony Robinson to an extent), for example, Robbie Coltrane (Hagrid in Harry Potter), Stephen Fry, Rowan Atkinson and especially Hugh Laurie are known throughout the entire world for their acting.

I’ll try and stop going on about it for a while, but I cannot promise anything. I can’t really put my finger on any significant changes since the last time I wrote as I cannot remember when the last time I wrote was. Barearse won again (beat the league leaders 5-3, incredible!), Derby are on fire and, most importantly, I’m still with Emma who I love very much, pretty sure that’s everything.

I’m getting the feeling that this is the most boring and annoying blog I have ever written. I’m probably completely correct. My mind is a little bit frazzled, probably the appalling lack of sleep I’ve been getting recently. I’m not just saying it as a teenage thing – I suspect most people are generally bullshitting or exaggerating when they say “oooohhh I’m nocturnal” or “I eat so much”, yet I’m convinced they’d be pretty shocked if they saw the little amount of sleep or large amount of food I have and consume – but I am honestly spending more time awake in the dark than I am when its light outside, only a few times in the past few weeks have I actually seen any daylight, incredible really. Its probably contributing to my eczema still getting slowly worse STILL.

Really struggling to think of anything else to write so whatever.

Adiós, friends!

Snoopy says Adiós!


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