Clough through the rough times at Derby

Brilliant piece from a Forest fan! Reiterates everything I’ve been saying for years.

We Only Sing When We're Winning

‘And Clough has done it! He’s led Derby County into the top division of English football!’  The year this sentence was accurate saw Neil Armstrong land on the moon, Rupert Murdoch buy the News of the World (whatever happened to him?!) and John Lennon marry Yoko.  This is an era whose time has long since passed, but in one of these cases, history may provide a stunning twist and repeat itself.  Brian Clough may have tragically succumbed to the ravages of alcoholism and stomach cancer, but his son Nigel has taken up the mantle at one of his father’s old clubs.  In the week building up to his latest clash with my beloved Nottingham Forest, I take a look at how Clough is gradually restoring the club built up so wonderfully by his father.

Nigel Clough was appointed Derby County manager in January 2009, meaning he is fast approaching 5…

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