1 year ago today, something incredible happened. 1 year ago today, the most beautiful event occured. 1 year ago today, my life changed forever. 1 year ago today, Emma May Greenall became my girlfriend and made me an incredibly happy person.

On the anniversary of the happiest day of my life, I’m unlucky enough to be sitting in Normandy on the last day of my holiday, almost 300 miles away from the woman I love. We’re used to long distance (88 miles, Fleetwood to Stoke) but this is tough, especially with it being over this unforgetable date. However, the deep love we have for each other is more than enough needed to get us through this and anything else life can throw at us.

Over this year, there have been truly low moments – when me & Emma split up for a few weeks in February for example, probably the worst experience of my life so far. Being away from each other for up to 3 weeks has been truly testing too, its been horrible at times. However, the moments of despair to not even compare to the immense feelings of true happiness that I experience when I’m with Emma, nothing makes me happier! The first time we told each other we love one another was one of the most incredible experiences of my entire life, it really blew me away. I never thought anyone would truly love me, especially someone as beautiful and perfect as Emma.

I often wonder exactly what I’ve done to deserve someone so amazing, its true to say I often don’t believe how lucky I am, I have to remind myself that its real and not a brilliant dream. I get especially confused when I think of all the stupid things I’ve done and what I’ve put Emma through and I’m constantly incredibly grateful that she has stuck by my side throughout everything I’ve done, it means such a huge amount to me.

There’s not ever a day goes by that I don’t appreciate what Emma has done for me, she’s changed my life, she’s changed me for the better. I couldn’t really show true emotion before we were together, it’d just been so long since I’d needed to (in terms of relationships it was totally new, Emma is my first and, as far as I’m concerned, only girlfriend).

To put it bluntly, there is absolutely no way I could live without Emma, I’ve experienced losing her and I never ever want to go through that again, it would destroy me. I love Emma so so much, with all of my heart. This truly has been the greatest year of my life and I can’t thank Emma enough. I’ll say it openly, this is forever for me, I’m never going to leave Emma, I honestly want to spend my entire life by her side.                                                     Emma, I love you. Happy Anniversary!


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