Long time, no blog.

Well, it really has been a very long time since I last wrote on here. Not even 100% sure I’d done my AS Levels the last time I blogged. A lot has changed since whenever that last was too, life seems to have got better.
A big part of my life now is the Barearselona FC 5aside team I co-founded. I’m sure I must’ve mentioned them before but we’re so awful that its hilarious. We’re 4 games into our second season and we still haven’t won on the pitch. We have had 3 default wins due to the opposition not turning up but other than that, we’ve only picked up 1 official point on the pitch. It wasn’t a bad first season on a personal note though, I got 16 goals in 17 outfield games (played 4 in goal so 22 games overall) and got Player of the Season, a place in the 5 of the season and the joint Best Keeper Award. Also got the Beast Award but that’s just because I’m massive… All of the awards are just within our own club and are tongue in cheek but it gives us all something to aim for. This season hasn’t started badly (mainly on a personal note again, we’ve lost the first 3 despite playing well) either. Got 2 goals in 2 games, both in the same game, played the first game in goal. Missed the third game and will miss the fourth because I’ve returned to the beautiful homeland of Scotland!
Its been too long since I’ve been in Scotland, 4 years in fact. Its brilliant to be back, I’ll forever love it. Also lucky that I’m now old enough to properly appreciate the beauty of the country, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like the views and sunsets that I’ve seen so far this week. I was 14 last time we came here and now, with me being 18 in just 10 days (1st September, unbelievably close), I find it strange that the scenery had never really struck me as amazing before, I just saw it as ‘nice’ and just glad it was there. Now, I’m pretty much flabbergasted every time I go around a corner. Hasn’t been the same for the whole holiday, spent the first 3 days at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, a world away from my current location of the idyllic village of Braemar, set in the Highlands surrounding the Royal Estate of Braemar in Aberdeenshire. I’m glad I can now appreciate my surroundings, a lot of people my age would rather spend a week in Ibiza, grasping strangers genitals and throwing up on the beach and, while that idea does appeal to me and there is an idea in the pipeline to do that next summer, I am much more at home in the Scottish Highlands; hiking over hills and mountains and basking in the glory of the most beautiful country on the planet.
Perhaps the biggest change in my life is that for the first time in my life, I’m now in a relationship. And I know what you’re thinking, I haven’t made it up and she is real, very real, and very perfect. Its quite an odd feeling being in a relationship after all this time, it should feel almost normal and commonplace but I’m constantly amazed and happy and always having to remind myself that its real and not just a wonderful dream. I know that I appear to have had a change of character and started to appreciate beauty in life and have started thinking in an ‘arty’ way, but I can assure you, I’m simply happier than usual. I’m still a moron. I’m still wanting to become a British Army Officer and throw myself into warzones and face the threat of being blown up or shot. Its just my state of mind, I’m not a sacrificial person but I just feel that I will not have proved myself in life if I haven’t done my part to keep this country, and in a sense, the world relatively safe. I’m not saying that those who don’t work in uniform don’t prove themselves in life, its just the way I think.
Hope you’ve enjoyed my deathbed-like out pour of emotions tonight, this is what happens when I’m happy. I apologise. Give me a few days and I’ll find something to moan about (I’m not moaning about Derby, that’s too depressing, so if you’re hoping for that then you’re going to be bitterly disappointed). Should also point out that I may start writing a few short pieces about military history to help with my university application. Its one of only a handful of things I’d actually consider myself pretty good at, so doing that as a degree would be brilliant. If you don’t like all that stuff, then you may want to stop paying attention to this blog (if anybody actually does) but you may want to read a piece or two just to see what you think. Also, any of you who are interested in it are free to give feedback, I’d love to hear what you think about any pieces I write, feedback can only improve an action.

Anyway, if you’ve read this far, I salute you *salutes*. It felt like a bit of a task to write so it can’t have been massively enjoyable to read. If you ever want to talk to me for some unknown reason, my Twitter name is @CupidStuntDCFC, and if you ever feel the urge to find out more about my failing 5aside team, we have Twitter (@BarseFC), Facebook (BareArselona FC) and an official website (barearselonafc.webs.com). It may seem like we’re taking this overly seriously but its 99% tongue in cheek, almost entirely taking the piss (made it this far without swearing, new record), I assure you.

Until next time, adios mis amigos!


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