All Over Again

Always around this time of year, I mean ALWAYS, things seem to go relatively bollocks for me. Get stressed, pissed off, angry, into something of a rage and just easily annoyed. Yeah, I’m aware that other people have it so much much worse but it doesn’t mean that I can’t be pissed off with how things are going for me, don’t bother mentioning that to me.

One cause for my annoyance is I’m slightly injured (yeah, AGAIN). Not my knee this time, that seems to have finally recovered, touch wood, but I badly sprained my ankle 2 weeks ago and trapped a nerve in my foot at the same time. Was pretty painful, played football tonight (hit the bar from my own half & got man of the match) and I could hardly do anything to my full ability. Played through the pain, really bad at times, but fuck it, at least it’s getting better.

Not really sure what the other problem to my frequent rages are, I have an idea but I’m not 100% sure. Confused if I’m honest, never quite sure what to think. Either way, it gets me quite rageous (if that’s a word, pretty sure it isn’t). I’ll put up with it for now though, not much choice otherwise.

Still not that sure that anybody even reads these, just a nice way to do something other than tweet for once. This is probably the most boring/meaningless post I’ve ever written, but it’s just nice to get out the shit in my head.

Hope all of you are well, very kind of you to read this far if you started reading it.

Au revoir, chums.


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