What a night

It’s 3 nights since it happened but I still smile when thinking about it. The nerves were killing me all day, couldn’t concentrate at college. Was dreading the match, started shaking.

Got to the ground, shouting and singing at the big group of Forest fans coming from the station. Kick off approaches, nerves intensify, excitement reaches boiling point. And then…nothing. Pretty much nothing happened until half way through the second half when there was a fight. Derby County vs Nottingham Forest. Incredible atmosphere, as you’d expect. Not too much happened on the pitch in the first half, a few half chances. Fiery game, high tempered. Sparked up in the 60th minute (ish), Forest player injured off the pitch – play can continue – cheating dick rolls onto the pitch, torrent of abuse, promptly rolls back off. Forest not happy at play continuing, resulting in a dirty challenge on Tyson, resulting in a fight! Pride Park (home end anyway) becomes deafening with noise like I’ve never heard it before. Forest seem rattled by it. Then, a horrific injury, Shaun Barker throws his body in the way of a Forest cross, gets stuck in between Tudgay and Fielding, his right leg bends inwards, I’ve seen the picture, it’s horrible. Stretchered off. On comes Mr Jake Buxton (remember that).

Derby get closer to scoring, Camp makes a good save, plenty of crosses into the Forest box, no finishing touch. 89th minute, typical local derby challenge. Tudgay late on Bryson, very late, very hard. Deserved second yellow, deserved sending off. Now, away at Forest in September, we went down to 10 men after two minutes, yet we came back to win 2-1. Forest didn’t trouble us with 11 in either fixture.

93rd minute, high foot on Ben Davies by Jonathan Greening. Ben Davies has been putting brilliant crosses in all match, gets another chance from the free kick. Remember Jake Buxton coming on? In comes the free kick, Buxton sticks his head in a melee, gets kicked in the head but stays on his feet to head the ball. Ball slowly trickles over the line, Pride Park erupts. Buxton runs off to celebrate. Incredible roar from the home fans, chaos in the stands. What a way to win a local derby. Jake Buxton made his first start in a year on Saturday, scored his first goal in two years in a local derby on Tuesday night. I went ballistic in the stands, Dad nearly strangled me but I just didn’t care. What a night.

Doncaster away tomorrow. Hope I enjoy it as much I enjoyed Brum away two weeks ago, that was amazing. Taking 1,300 to Donny too do it should be good. Going with two of my twitter acquaintances, should be entertaining. Have to get the 09:33 train to Derby though, going to be knackered. It’ll be worth it.

I should be off, I feel terrible, need sleep for tomorrow.

I’ll leave you with this picture.





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