It’s been a while.

Well well well, I haven’t been on here in a very long time. Is it because I’ve been busy, I hear you ask. The answer to that, of course, is no I haven’t.

I’ve been as bored as ever you’ll be ‘interested’ to hear. I had some mock exams and they were shit, probably failed them too. Also, last time I blogged, it was 1 day before the 14th of January. What’s so special about that? Well, on the 14th of January, Derby beat Coventry 1-0, that was the last time we won. Bad times.
Felt like a win yesterday though! What a brilliant game! Me and Scott went to Birmingham away along with 1,400 other Rams fans and we made one hell of a racket, never stopped singing (especially when insulting the rapist that is Marlon King, he got a lot of stick). Anyway, we went 2-0 down, undeservedly, and it was no surprise to see Marlon King get the 2nd and make a real deal about telling us to shut up. It didn’t work though, we carried on chanting whilst Brum were celebrating. 4 minutes later, we were celebrating, Ben Davies crossed to Steve Davies to score a header on his first start since fracturing his skull! 4 minutes after that, we were in raptures, up step Mr Theo Robinson to fire home the 2nd, causing deafening chants of “THEO THEO THEO” and complete a memorable comeback. During the celebrations of the equaliser, I ended up in the row behind! I fell backwards in the commotion and ended up on my back, that’s how bonkers we went! Incredible match, incredible support (from us, Brum fans were awful), incredible day.

That’s pretty much the only thing I’ve done for months, been insanely bored otherwise. Absolutely nothing to do, hence why I’ve started writing this. Literally nothing has happened in my life this year, haven’t acquired a job, girlfriend, a lot of money, some amazing news, nothing. Only thing I have got is a shitload of DVDs (all war DVDs, obsessed I am).

Running out of stuff to write. Ooh, I know, 5aside is still fun! We got our first win 2 weeks ago! (Albeit it was a default win due to the other team not turning up, but still). I’ve scored 10 (I think) in 7 matches so I’m pretty pleased with that, I’m almost as good as Van Persie!*

I’ve well and truly run out of anything to say now so I’m going back to playing FIFA. I’m bored of my Xbox but its very slightly more interesting than anything else I could do.

Au revoir, everyone!

*I’m not actually as good as Van Persie.



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