I’m a moron

I’m quite literally the biggest moron on the face of the planet. All this time I moan about being fat and how I don’t know why I am, yet all this time, I’ll be chomping on some form of snack based delight. I have absolutely no self restraint at all, for example, I ate 4 packets of jelly beans in an hour earlier, that’s fucking disgusting. I mean, I love jelly beans but it’s just too far. Even more disgusting; I did exactly the same thing yesterday. I HAVE to stop doing this, Sainsbury’s should make them more than 55p a pack, I’d stop buying them then.


It doesn’t help that my motivation to go the gym is always “there’s a shop on the way home”, I always end up undoing all the good work I’d previously done. That’s if I can be bothered to even get off my fat arse and go to the gym in the first place. I’m just wondering if writing it down and releasing it onto the worldwide web like this may some how miraculously help me.

It won’t but I have no other ideas.

Nice to see that my first blog of the year was a ‘nice and cheerful’ one. Running out of things to say now, I should probably shut up to avoid offending somebody/myself or boring you all to tears.

I might just go. Oh, before I go, if you’re on Twitter and just fancy reading my tweets or one of the many (MANY) retweets that I retweet, then follow @CupidStunt_DCFC, I do follow back unless you’re an arsehole, a Forest fan or a racist, just clearing that up.

Anyway, hope you’ve all had a good start to the New Year, Happy Friday 13th everyone!



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