Typical wankers

Some people really do my head in. Always trying to say something that’s supposed to make you stop and think “Yeah! It’s so true!” or “My life is just like that!” Why don’t you just fuck off? They do my head in, they make whole accounts on Twitter with 105838905679 followers because they think they’ll get laid by doing that or will somehow become a success in life. I hate them.

What’s worse is when people on Facebook then write similar bullshitty status’ about feeling all soppy and sorry for themselves, or posting some soppy song lyrics to “Show their true feelings”, it always says something like “Oh how could I believe you agaaaaaiiin? I just can’t carry on anymore, baby (8)” You deserve to be beaten. I’m not saying they shouldn’t be allowed to say it, it’s their account; they can say what they want, but it doesn’t make them NOT a tosser for writing it.

I pretty much hate my entire generation if you haven’t already noticed, I end up being a cunt in these ways sometimes too. It’s how we’ve been programmed by TV and music. We will listen to anyone with a ‘good’ haircut and chinos. You may say that you don’t, but chances are you subliminally do. Only few of us realise that society is fucked in more ways than just environmentally. We’re dependant on everything, half of the people I know don’t go camping because “it’s boring” and “you have to sleep on the floor”. Grow some backbone, if you looked for something to do rather than text ALL the time and just assumed it was shit, you’d realise that it’s quite fun. As for sleeping on the floor, it should only affect people with horribly bad backs or those with a real phobia of sleeping on the floor, anybody else who uses it as an excuse is an idiot.

I think I’m nearly done. I can’t think of anybody else I want to rant about. I genuinely feel quite a lot better that I’ve got this off of my chest. Still slightly infuriated at my generation but the anger will slowly subside into quiet hatred as usual.

Oh yeah, for any Leeds United fans reading, Jamie Ward is a football genius. Derby County 1-0 Leeds United, six wins vs Leeds in a row. Can’t see it lasting, they’ll probably do us in April or whenever, it’s Easter Monday and I swear Easter keeps moving. Still, I’m very much enjoying it while it lasts, YOOOOOUUU RAMS!

Hope you all had a good Christmas. I get to have my own get together for NYE at last, very much looking forward to it. If you’ve read this to the end – or even at all – then I thank you very much.
Have a good New Year’s Eve!



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