I’m not even tired. It’s 02:43 and I’m not remotely tired.

As you can see by the title, I’m not even tired. It’s 02:43 and I’m not remotely tired.

I should be damn knackered, I spent 9 hours with James today, that’s a drain on me at the best of times! Yet I’m not tired, I’m very much awake. Pain in the arse this is, I’m only ever asleep/tired when I need to be awake and vice versa.

I was watching Him & Her about an hour and a half ago and 3 things struck me.
1. Russell Tovey is a fantastic actor, whether he be playing a werewolf in Being Human or a normal human being in Him & Her. He’s so normal and real (even if he is playing a werewolf!), unlike many other actors.
2. Sarah Solemani is pretty damn hot. Just something about her.


And 3. I’d love a girlfriend that’s just remotely like her character – who’s name slips my mind. She seems like a female version of me! No jokes, please.

On the subject of women, I was also watching Chris Moyles’ Quiz Show purely because Pixie Lott was on it.
Oh. My. God. She is something else, it hurts to look at her, she’s amazingly hot! I would bite off one of my fingers just to spend one night with her!

Well, I’m completely running out of things to say. On the brightside, I’m now slightly more tired than before, I can feel a yawn coming on! Brilliant news!

You may be on your merry way, if you’re still awake that is, not many people read this even if they’re awake!
Anyway, a very happy Saturday to you.

Much love. Adios!


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