Couldn’t resist the call of WordPress for more than two days!

I was just curious as to who exactly is reading these blogs, it says on my stats that 5 people read the last one and 10 others looked around the page. Two referrals came from Facebook and one from Twitter, WHO ARE YOU?

Got a lovely 9:45 start tomorrow. Hoo-fucking-rah!
I wish sarcasm was easier to convey via the Internet…
Without using “-.-, :P, XD, :/” and so on. I end up using these (apart from
XD which really cocks me off – made up phrase, I hate it that much) and it really annoys me, I just canna help it.

Good Jesus ramble, I am tired.

Might go to sleep.

But not before I add a wee picture!

This is brilliant.


Anyway, yeah…bye.


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