Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day.

Makes you think doesn’t it? If it wasn’t for those who fought and gave their lives, who were captured, wounded and those who managed to survive, I probably wouldn’t be writing this and you probably wouldn’t be reading it. I feel it is the most important day in the year for me, beats any others.

However, there are always those who sicken me on a day like this. Those who disrespect it, either by talking or laughing in the minutes silence or by refusing to by a poppy because you simply don’t care. You people should fuck off. If you don’t think what they did has affected you in any way, shape or form, why don’t you join the Army and go and fight for your country? See what they gave, are giving and will give, to ensure you stay free.
Also, those people who use Remembrance Day as a chance to be racist to others. In 1939, Britain declared war on Nazi Germany and fought against its extreme right wing views which discriminated against those but themselves, racism. Millions of people died to stop this barbaric view of the Nazis yet some people will contradict themselves completely and start being racist and discriminating against others. The exact thing the Britons of the 1940s fought against to keep out of Britain. If anyone abuses Muslims because of last years poppy burning, then they too are first class imbeciles. It was 20-30 Muslims, a TINY amount of extremists, the vast majority of Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus, Jews and all other religions respect this day as much as we do. Also, if you look at the British Army, one of the best regiments in there is the Ghurkas, a regiment made up of predominantly Asian men, who fight and give their lives for Britain. Without the foreign troops that we have in the Army, we would struggle in any war. I’m certainly not saying the British soldiers aren’t good, (I want to be a soldier, myself) they’re the best in my opinion, but that the help and support of other nations within this Army is something that cannot be overlooked.

Anyway, I had to get that off my chest, I feel a great deal better because of it.

Jimmy out.





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