David Guetta is God.

Title says it all. What a brilliant music producer. I can’t quite get into my head how brilliant he is, almost every song (apart from ‘Repeat ft. Jessie J’ which is shite) is amazing.


I’m not in love. At least not with David Guetta. I’m really not.


It’s just he is a damn good producer. Currently sitting here listening to ‘Sweat ft. Snoop Dogg’ while putting all the music back on my iPod after spending 4 hours (22:00 – 02:00) last night downloading the iOS update. Deletes all your music and apps and it’s not even that good now that I’ve got it. Only advantage is, my iPod was incredibly slow before I updated it, it’s pretty quick now, which is useful.

Another upside to today, I FINALLY have more than 3 shirts, 1 pair of jeans and 1 pair of 3/4 trousers. Been sick of wearing the same clothes to college. Had to come up with a clever rotation system so stuff could be washed. I felt pretty clever when it worked.




I felt pretty stupid when I put 2 shirts in the wash and lost the other. Had to wear my Scotland rugby shirt for 2 days, which, after losing to England in the rugby and Spain in football in the space of a week, was a bit of a pain, no matter how brilliantly we battled in both of those sports/games.






I’m going insane.


This has to be the most I’ve ever written. Better than my last one that just said “I have literally no idea what to write” and then the picture that I’ve also put into this blog (I’ll try and make it a recurring theme).

Anyway, I’ll leave you to your lives.

Picture from last blog - it makes me giggle


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