I have to get fitter. I’m so unfit and fat these days, much more so than I used to be. Things have to change. I’m genuinely sick of being fat now.

And no amount of “You’re not fat Jimmy!” will make me think I’m not or make me feel any better, because you’re all wrong! I know I’m fat and that’s that. Should only be this rotund once I’m 40ish, not 17!

Yet no matter how much exercise I do, nothing seems to fucking work!! My metabolism goes backwards, I swear it does – my body likes being fat, stupid piece of shit.

Anyway, since I’ve last blogged, I’ve had my 17th birthday (1st September) and started college. Amazing what can happen in a few weeks. Bet you’re all chuffed I’ve started blogging again, aren’t I just great?

Adios amigos.


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