Went to Blackpool for the Blackpool v Derby match, we took 2,000 fans and never stopped singing.

Bryson got his first goal and we all went utterly mental when he put it away! Fucking brilliant performance.

I love Derby County ❤


I still have a slight headache and a bit of a sore throat but I couldn’t be much happier. Very proud of the lads, just fantastic, 9 points out of 9 so far 😀

Also, before the match, I did an interview for a football website called Winkball: Faces of the Fans, I don’t know if it’s up yet and I’m pretty sure that I looked pretty stupid but here’s the link if anyone is interested: http://www.facesofthefans.com/

If anyone wants to see the 2 videos I filmed (the goal + and a few minutes near the end) then they should’ve uploaded to my Facebook page by now but they’re DEFINITELY on my Twitter page.


Craig Bryson celebrating after first Derby goal


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