A Design For Life

FB_IMG_1443128448941Many poets, bards, writers, bands and entertainers over the years have written about the way society or the powers that be dictate(s) how one lives their life. George Orwell’s 1984 or Manic Street Preachers’ A Design For Life are good examples of this. There are set guidelines in life that you’re expected to fulfill or be deemed as a failure of a person, regardless of how clever or talented you may actually be, a system that tests you and let’s you know how much of a disaster you are if you fail to meet these requirements. I have become completely disillusioned with this whole system and no longer strive to just be successful just like everyone else, I’d rather do something that makes me happy.

Rage Against the Machine’s famous Killing In the Name Of is a song that encapsulates perfectly my rage against this. From the moment we are old enough to learn reading and writing, we are frequently told that we will fail in society if we don’t meet required standards, that you MUST be able to spell ‘neighbourhood’ by Year 3 or your prospects of a good high school place seem distant. It is drilled into us that life is all about results (what some will grow up to realise actually translates to as ‘profit’) and that we must be ready to instantly assimilate into this world of ruthless Capitalism or face total annihilation. It has taken me a while to realise this but my question is why? Why do we have no choice (yeah we’re told we have a choice over our future but there really isn’t huge choice in reality unless you meet the pre-determined requirements) right from the start? We HAVE to produce or be left behind. The idea of doing 40 years of a job I hate makes no sense to me whatsoever, I don’t have a huge choice over that but I’m equally not hugely bothered about that either by the way, I’ve accepted that reality. There is leeway but not a huge amount.


My GCSEs are solid, my A Levels pretty rubbish and I have no degree, so to society I’m essentially rubbish as I have failed their requirements. This is not me moaning that it’s not my fault or I deserve more, because I know it’s my fault and if I wanted to get a degree to work in some shit office for three decades then I probably could’ve done. These grades and results that have tested me don’t mean anything to me. It’s not a job or career that will make me happy (though I do have specific dreams and aims in that area that I shan’t share), but rather – and this may seem hard to believe given today’s money driven world – the things I do and experiences I have are what I crave, not money or success. I’d rather be poor and happy than rich and bored. There is no price I can put on experiences I’ve had or want. Mine and Emma’s first holiday together, seeing Derby come back from 2-0 down in the FA Cup at Forest to win 3-2, scoring a last minute winner in a Sunday League Cup Final as a teenager, seeing the D-Day beaches and the Battle of Normandy battlefields, being a member of the Army Cadet Force. These are things no amount of money could take away from me, there are things I want to do and see that no amount of money offered to me could stop me from experiencing. Unfortunately, many of these things do require payment but saving to do these things makes it all the more special when it happens.

Of course I have regrets. Many people when I played Sunday League Football told me I had the ability (at the time, I was only 11-12 so it’s not that special) to get scouted by an academy if I got fitter, which I never did and it bothers me to think of what could’ve been, despite it probably not happening anyway.

I have no desire rely on others for money, I have no desire to enter a career just for the sake of it, I am happy to do odd jobs until the right opportunity arises. This does not make unambitious, I am heavily driven to prove absolutely everybody wrong. There is a small, almost invisible group of people that believe I’ll ever amount to anything, it’s obvious from how I hear people speak to me. It’s obvious from the comparisons made between me and others. It’s obvious from the condescending looks I get from people when they see/hear what I’ve ever achieved. It’s a pity that to prove these people wrong I have to conform and become what I hate – unless I accomplish exactly what I intend to – just to garner the level of respect others get.

Maybe I’m thinking about it too much, maybe everything is fine. Certainly I’m rambling without much coherence to my words, but just think about it. We are born, ‘educated’ (I’ve learnt 10x more outside of a school/college/university than I ever did in one), made to shit out a profit, get too old to make money, we die. Is that much of a life? Not to me it isn’t, I don’t want my descendants to see me as a robot sheep that conformed and was a manager of an office for 30 years. I want them to be intrigued by what I’ve done and appreciate that I have been happy doing it. If some people’s idea of a profit driven career designed to pump as much money into their bank accounts without a thought about others is what makes them happy then fine, but don’t brand me a failure or lazy because I didn’t make you a profit.

This doesn’t mean I won’t make enough money to get by, I will always make sure I have enough to provide for myself and others, my primary concern is looking after others, I just refuse to lower myself to becoming someone who constantly works just to drive a profit for somebody else.


There you have it, a rambling, incoherent mostly incorrect mess. Draw your own conclusions about me. Call me a layabout, judge me for not meeting society’s educational boundaries, brand me as unambitious or someone not to be associated with. I think that says a lot more about you than about me.


Also, just for the record, don’t start sayin’oh I value you Jimmy!’ because that’s not what I’m after. I just want to get this out. Ignore it, report it, block it, but don’t throw an insincere compliment at this in an attempt to make me feel better, because I don’t want that.


I’m not insane, by the way.

“Libraries gave us power, then work came and made us ‘free’.”


Anger and happiness

NOTE. You’ll think I’m bonkers after reading this, I’m not, just find myself despairing at other humans and their behaviour.

Anger and happiness. Two basic human emotions. Two emotions that effect everyone. Two emotions that can define a person.

I could be described as quite an angry person. There are many things I’m constantly angry about, politics, injustice against people, people not thinking about their actions and consequences, daft statements that can hurt others. I’ve usually either released part of it online or totally bottled it up, refusing to let the burning, screaming desire to smash and break all objects (never people) in my surroundings to get the better of me.

Now, however, I just cannot be bothered with being angry anymore. It takes up so time, energy and emotion. It builds up into what feels like intolerable levels and drives me totally insane. I find it hard to contemplate the world around and start to wonder why anybody bothers doing anything at all. I’ve always tried to help people but I come out feeling furious, I can’t stand it. It’s going to be incredibly hard to resist being angry, particularly with how the world acts. Nobody thinks about how what they say or do could effect other people, its the selfishness of the human race shining through. People are driven to despair by the stupid actions of others, sometimes worse.

Truly happy moments are probably more fleeting and hard to come by for everyone, especially given the anger thrown around at one another is so common. These moments can come in many forms, time with a partner, sporting events, music, drugs in some cases, comedy, but most would agree that these moments are few and far between. The happiness is so rare and full of ecstasy (not a drugs joke) that people cause themselves to be furiously angry with themselves and others when they are denied this happiness. If everyone tried to make others happy, there would be no problem, how could anybody be angry? This doesn’t happen though, because human beings are selfish. Each and every one of us. It’s so much easier to be happy than angry, so if we helped each other and understood each other’s viewpoints and problems then we can all begin to be happy. I’m unsure anybody on this planet truly understands somebody else, down to the deepest feelings and desires, everyone hides something.

This is all speculative obviously. The fundamental flaw in human nature is ingrained selfishness. Nobody will ever abandon their selfish desires, nobody will ever keep listening and understanding others. The despair I feel when thinking about this is deep and far reaching. I’m not saying I’ve thought about it because I haven’t, I can’t stress that enough, but you can easily see how people feel so empty, lonely and depressed to do harm to themselves, to escape this world.

Usually this would make me angry, but what’s the point? What is the point in being angry about anything? It won’t solve anything, neither will being helpful and understanding, because there’s a bloody good chance the person that is wronging you will be too blinded by anger and selfishness to even care or understand how you think or act in private.

Before anyone says anything, I’m fine. I haven’t gone mad – no more than usual. I’m not aiming this at anyone, only the human race.

Keep smiling people, not that anyone will notice.

My letter to my local MP – Tristram Hunt

Tristram Hunt

        Tristram Hunt

A few days ago, I received a letter from my local MP, the Shadow Secretary of State for Education Tristram Hunt.

Jeremy Corbyn

           Jeremy Corbyn

As part of joining the Labour Party in May, I have received numerous letters from the party and this particular one was an invite to a couple of events in my local area to get more engaged with the party. Unfortunately, I am unable to make it to these events so I decided to contact Mr Hunt with what I would have said to him had I had the opportunity to talk to him face to face.

I decided to do this in light of the rumour that Labour MPs are planning to rebel if Jeremy Corbyn wins the leadership elections (link to the story here) and the fact that Mr Hunt has previously stated his opposition to Mr Corbyn.

“Dear Tristram,

I recently received your letter regarding the drinks at White Star and the Parliamentary Outreach session at the YMCA in Hanley. 
Firstly, I’d like to thank you for the invites to the events, having only joined the Labour Party after the recent elections in May, I’m very impressed with the correspondence I have received from yourself and the Party. 
Secondly, I’m afraid I cannot make either of the events as I’m away for the remainder of July and all of August, though if there is anyway I can read updates of the Parliamentary Outreach session then I’d like to keep up to date with the results of that session. I’d also like to thank you with your continued work with your constituents, me and my family have always been very impressed with your work in Stoke. I remember you being more than happy to meet me and my Stoke Sixth Form Politics class down in Westminster back in 2012, we all left being very impressed!
However, my main reason for emailing is just to try and get my points across to you that I would have made had I been able to come to the White Star on the 28th. 
I have always been a socialist since I have been aware of politics and how it works, given that I come from quite a socialist background. Due to this, I am fully pledging my support to Jeremy Corbyn in the leadership election (and I should mention now that my mind cannot be swayed on this matter) as I really feel Labour has to get back to its ways of old – where working class people’s lives actually matter and the success of businesses is not the main priority. I am aware that you aren’t backing Mr Corbyn and I have seen rumours that unnamed Labour MPs are planning a coup against Mr Corbyn should he win, I very much hope you aren’t amongst these, what I would call, traitors to the Labour Party. I really feel that regardless of the victor in the elections, we should all fully back our leader as unity is the only way to win an election, something that we lacked in the May elections, contributing to our disastrous and embarrassing collapse. 
If someone other than Mr Corbyn wins, whether it be Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper or Liz Kendall, then I shall still pledge my support to the party in an effort to rid ourselves of this evil Conservative Government. I personally feel that almost any other result, apart from Mr Corbyn winning, will be a disaster for the party and I fear that we will lose Scotland forever if we don’t go back left, but that won’t stop me from backing the winner to the hilt. 
I strongly ask, beg even, you to back the winner, even if its a result you don’t want, in order to restore the integrity of the party. I have always been proud to call you my local MP and I thoroughly hope you don’t destroy that reputation by attempting to fight back against a leader that Labour members, councillors and fellow MPs voted for. If the party supports a candidate, we should all support that candidate.
I very much hope my words don’t fall on deaf ears, I can’t emphasise enough how important I feel this is.
Once again, thank you for your continued correspondence towards myself and I’m sure towards other Labour members in the area.
Kind regards,
Jimmy Gregory”
It is my sincere hope that Mr Hunt listens to this, as a divided party is exactly what the Conservatives want. I strongly hope Jeremy Corbyn becomes leader and I really hope every single Labour MP, Councillor and member backs him unconditionally instead of throwing a petty tantrum because they haven’t got another Blairite leader. We’ve had years of Blairites in the upper echelons and I am sick of it.
Lets go back to the left, back to our roots and hopefully back into power. Also, excuse the lack of paragraphs in the second half of this, for some reason WordPress is refusing to acknowledge the gaps between each paragraph, hence why its all a bit cramped!
Until next time, Comrades.

Darkest Hour


I don’t know where to begin. Last night I really felt a complete sense of total betrayal from my fellow countrymen, 70 years to the day from since becoming victorious in defeating Nazi Germany. The hated Conservative Party were – for some totally unknown reason – voted into Parliament with a majority of the seats. Unbelievable. After everything we have seen in the past few years, how can anyone vote for the most elitist and ruthless scum that Eton has to offer?

Poverty is on the rise in Britain due to the last 5 years of mainly Tory government – say what you like, there is ample evidence to show that the economic crisis was not Labour’s fault so this is not down to them – and more and more people are relying on food banks and the charity of others simply to survive. I know this isn’t exactly Calcutta or a small village in Ethiopia but given that we as a people have much more control over how we live our lives, I am totally disgusted that this electorate has chosen to vote in a government that plans to smash the disadvantaged with £12bn welfare cuts.
stats-header-2015Last year, 1,084,604 people had to turn to food banks in order to survive. How can we vote for a government that created this nightmare for people? What’s more, how can we vote them in with an increase of seats on last time? I cannot believe it. There has never been a time where I have actively wanted to leave this country and never come back, but at times last night there were few other thoughts in my head. I have seen so many people say “This government hasn’t done anything bad to me personally so I may as well vote for them.” These people are selfish and I personally consider them total traitors to the country and it’s population. How can you sell out your fellow humans and countrymen for personal gain? I would never do that. I felt a rush of pride in putting an ‘X’ in the ballot box next to Labour for my first time voting in an election, I knew that a Labour government would help the poor and disadvantaged and save our beloved NHS. Instead, this is an election victory for those that are either permanently healthy or permanently wealthy. If the National Health Service is destroyed in the same vein that it has been in the last 5 years, then we’d all better hope we don’t become ill or hurt, otherwise we could be in considerable danger if we can’t afford our treatment.

BVWXBVcIgAAjSiZ70 years ago today, we celebrated victory against the evils of Nazi Germany, we were united as a country after coming together during the Second World War. The rich and poor suffered, fought, survived and won side by side. That year, a Labour government was voted in that created the National Health Service 3 years later. For 70 years, the NHS saved countless people’s lives and delivered 44 million babies into the country. Now, however, we are witnessing it’s demise. There is a rise in negligence within NHS staff due to poor training and overworking, this in turn is causing more deaths in the NHS. How can we live with this, we have gambled our health and lives for the next 5 years, if we can’t afford what we need, we could all die. In 1983, Neil Kinnock warned “not to be old or sick or unemployed if Thatcher wins”, this seems to apply once again, but this time it seems worse.
During the Scottish Independence Referendum, I was staunchly pro-Union. I didn’t want to see this country broken up for what appeared not particularly good reasons and I felt like working class people in England and Wales would have been abandoned Screen-Shot-2015-02-04-at-14.21.17-620x406to the wrath of the Tories had Scotland become an independent country, I felt it was a time for working class people to unite behind one party and get the Tories out of government. However, after last night, I feel a lot more sympathy towards the SNP and independence campaign. If I was living in Scotland, I would be seriously tempted to cut all ties with the Tory government, I would cut my losses and go. I still wouldn’t want Britain to be broken up as I feel like there would be too many financial implications for Scotland and it would be horrible to see the country possibly end up in more of a mess if independence went wrong. Cameron did a brilliant job of dividing and conquering the working classes. By constantly disparaging SNP, Plaid Cymru and UKIP (as much as the latter thoroughly deserved it) it simply encouraged the flame of nationalism with undecided voters with links to those parties, voters who formerly probably would have voted Labour.

che guevaraThe Etonians rule once again. I feel betrayed and abandoned. I hope in 5 years time we learn from these mistakes and I hope these next 5 years don’t become as totally brutal as they are forecasted to be. This election has pushed me even further to the left, which I didn’t think was possible, the flame of revolution and socialism is burning brighter by the day within me.

An Open Letter to The Amazing Atheist and Scotty of the Drunken Peasants Podcast

Buckley is brilliant!

A Dose of Buckley

Hello Amazing Atheist and Scotty (I don’t know if you have a cool little nickname, I’ve never heard of you before this, so forgive me for using your first name if that’s not what you normally go by). I’m Buckley.

Recently, your podcast featured a segment where you dissected a video of mine, my 4/20 video from 2013. This resulted in a bunch of people from your audience tweeting me and asking me to watch it, and although I generally don’t watch other things on YouTube (I’ve been aware of the Amazing Atheist for some time but I’ve never actually watched any of your videos), being the narcissist that I am (it’s a video about me!), I suffered through the 15 or 20 minutes of you guys stopping and starting my video to call me an idiot and to make disparaging remarks about my success, with the Amazing Atheist going…

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August the Ninth

August. The month of holidays, the month of sport seasons beginning once again, the month of anticipation and preparation for the coming university/work season. For most people this is what August represents, understandably so, however it bears a different meaning for me.

9th of August 2012 was the greatest day of my life, one I’ll never forget – despite the fact I seem to be unable to remember anything that happened between midday and the evening. That day was the day that me and Emma Greenall became a couple. It was a very odd morning, not a situation I was used to – with Emma being my first and only girlfriend/love – waking up and entering a relationship a couple of hours later, what I do remember is being very fidgety and nervously excited, I hardly sat still all day! My most vivid memory of the day is that we nearly didn’t get together at all, I remember us discussing whether being together would work due to the 89 miles between our homes and therefore between us. Don’t get me wrong, we both very much wanted to be together, we just didn’t know how it would work. It was almost a very upsetting day. I don’t quite remember what changed our minds or made us decide to give it a go but we eventually came to the conclusion that we wanted to be together far too much to let it go without even trying – cue literal yells of joy coming from my mouth!

There hasn’t been a moment in these past two years that has ever made me question or regret that decision, Emma has made me happier than I thought it was possible to be and I still have to pinch myself every single day to remind me that its actually real and not the most amazing dream/coma in the world! I always have to wonder what I was doing with my life before I met Emma, it doesn’t seem possible to live much of a life without her! I’m unsure as to exactly what it is that she sees in me (despite the amount of times she has explained) as I just can’t get it into my head that somebody so incredibly perfect and beautiful would ever want to be with me. This surprises me even more given that I’m pretty prone to doing some really stupid boneheaded things that would test almost everybody else in the world, yet Emma overlooks these things and somehow still loves me as much as I love her! I know I could never be without Emma and I definitely want to spend the rest of my life with her – I know how many teenagers and just general people say that about their partners but I mean it from the bottom of my heart. We broke up briefly for a couple of weeks in February 2013 and it was pure hell, I could hardly leave the house let alone talk to people. Those few weeks convinced me that I could never live without her as it completely broke me, I was a shell of a person!

As testament to how much she means to be, at the beginning of 2013 I gave up on my dream to become a British Army Officer as I realised I couldn’t put Emma through the stress and worry of being with someone who was serving abroad in conflict hit regions. Looking at me now, its hard to believe I was ever serious about joining the Army – given that I’m a similar shape to a balloon – but those who I’d spoken to about it knew just how much I wanted to join up one day, which just shows how much I love Emma and how much she means to be. I was more than prepared to completely give up my dream career that I’d been obsessing over since I was young. It was never a case of chickening out of the Army, I feel I was mentally prepared for any consequences but I’ll never know for sure, but entirely a case of being unable to bear the thought of Emma being left alone in the future should the worst happen to me. I love her far too much to put her through even a tiny bit of stress, she deserves the best I can give her and I will always give everything I can to make sure she’s happy. 1622125_612552438824844_1802692545_n

There’s not too much more I can say, I’ve always struggled with putting my feelings into words – as Emma knows – so all I can really say is I love you Emma, I’ll always love you with all of my heart.

For those that read all to the way to the end of this; firstly well done for doing so and secondly thank you for doing so, I want the entire world to know just what this beautiful woman means to me. In my head I picture a few readers shedding a tear or two (not my thing, I’ve got a heart of steel….) but that could be pure vanity on my part.

I love you Emma, never forget that!

Everyone else, thank you once again for reading!




Well, hasn’t it been a while? My writing juices have been dedicated to University work which, obviously, have taken preference over a blind stab at converting my many musings into proper words and sentences. Its hard to focus the mind to try and translate such an unimaginable tide of mostly nonsense.

However, I find myself dealing with more serious thoughts than usual, ones which seem out of place in my usual toddler-like mind. Thoughts that, driven by other people’s actions I should add, fill me with an almost unbearable rage and fury. Its a strange situation to be in, writing here is my outlet for these thoughts (I think thoughts is the wrong word but I can’t think of a replacement) yet I feel the urgent need to act properly, an act of aggression if you will, though most of me tells me that’s a bad idea, I wouldn’t really know what would fulfil the need to thrash out anyway.

What is really getting to me is the unbelievable lack of respect, morals and acceptance shown by some people that consider themselves ‘men’. There are perfect examples of this all over the internet in everyday life but I am thinking of specifics (I won’t go into details, as much as I would love to, its not really fit for public opinion or knowledge), the actions of certain people are ones that turn my stomach and make me somewhat ashamed to even be part of the same species as them. There are so many lines which should not be crossed in society, most people being honourable enough to accept the arrangements of other people’s lives and let them get on with it, others however, seem hell-bent on destroying what some people have and actually hoping for another person’s life to be destroyed in order to get what they want. I for one do not understand how anybody could do this. I don’t feel comfortable thinking or speaking positively about myself at all, but I would like to think I’m at least a respectful and accepting person and I know that I could not live with myself or still consider myself a man had I done something and continued to act in such a way like this.

If this all seems a little strange and poorly explained then its due to the trickiness of writing like this without specifying exactly what I’m on about, its very hard to get my point across without giving any examples that could hint at what I’m on about. The best way I can really explain my mess of a blog post is that the lack of morals shown by people these days is something that really gets on my fucking nerves. Both men and women do this, I’m not singling out either, but it annoys me more when I see men do it. I’m not sure why this is, it could be that (cue “sexist!” “How dare you!” “male supremacist”) traditionally, men have been seen as honourable, somewhat stiff upper-lipped and brave (I am NOT saying women aren’t, I’m just relaying what thousands of years of civilised society has said) so to see this ‘tradition’ destroyed by fellow men just makes my blood boil, its pathetic. Its almost like a group of primary school girls (“Lets get him, girls!”) constantly going behind each others back and fucking each other over just to get what they want, I can’t believe I’m seeing it from people who are legally considered men. It astonishes me that they can live with themselves. I feel like they’re doing the cowardly thing of avoiding clear and correct confrontation and just going behind people’s backs and being manipulative. Being ‘slimy’ and cowardly, is the best way I can put it.

I do feel marginally better after writing that, though the residual anger will live in me until this cowardice ceases to be, its something that haunts my being.

I don’t really have a happy sign off this time.

Auf wiedersehen.

Night Pythons – Now for something completely different.


I’m awake in the middle of the night again (delayed publishing, you should know by now) and I have a new comedy craving.

For months, I’ve been totally transfixed by Blackadder and all its numerous joys and hilarity, however, I’ve now discovered a new gem. I’ve always heard people talking about Monty Python (Flying Circus, Life of Brian, Holy Grail etc.) without ever getting round to watching any of it. I’ve since watched 2 series of Monty Python’s Flying Circus in the past few weeks and I’ve completely fallen in love with it, its so brilliant in every single way. I know I’m so late to this party that one of the members (Graham Chapman) has already been dead for a good few years, but its never too late to find comedy.

Great little poster I found on Google Images.

There’s so many things that I could pick up on as golden moments of comedy, moments that are so utterly stupid and bizarre yet so clever at the same time. The German Joke in the first series and The Ministry of Silly Walks (links to both clips on YouTube are at the end of this) in the second series are both fine examples of this.  There’s been more than one occasion where I’ve had to pause the episodes to deal with the fits of howling laughter that I succumb to when watching it, its painful! John Cleese, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, Michael Palin, Terry Gilliam are and, in Graham Chapman’s case, were, absolutely fantastic comic actors. John Cleese and Michael Palin pretending to be French whilst showing how a mechanical sheep can fly is just another fantastic scene. I haven’t been disappointed with a single thing I’ve seen, so glad I’ve so much more still to watch and discover for myself. I haven’t watched Blackadder much recently which owes entirely to the fact that I can’t stop watching Monty Python, that’s how much I enjoy it! I’m not sure that I will ever ever get tired of it. I’m genuinely not being hipster when I say the older comedies are by far the best ones. Only Peep Show and Charlie Brooker’s Weekly Wipe come anywhere close to making me laugh as much as Monty Python’s Flying Circus and Blackadder ever have, I can’t think of anything else that has ever come close.

In other news, I’ve been listening to almost nothing but Kanye West for near enough a year now, ever since Yeezus came out. I liked Kanye before Yeezus, been a fan since I was about 10, but Yeezus has got me totally hooked, I’ve said many times that I believe it to be my favourite album of all time. I don’t doubt it, every song is just absolutely brilliant.

I don’t have too much else to say really, think I really must be tired, I’m usually full of useless wisdom a this time of the night/morning (05:02am GMT). I think I’m just going to go now.

“And now for something completely different.”


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8I3zCQzZx68 – German/Killer Joke
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iV2ViNJFZC8 – Ministry of Silly Walks

And now for something completely different.


Night Adders

Well its been a while, I’ve either been too busy or my mind has just been simply too empty to devote any time to writing on here. As usual though, I am writing this right in the middle of the night (its 04:42am, I’ll delay the publishing time for about 13:00 later today – chances are I’ll still be asleep then), a habit which is becoming alarmingly normal. This could become a slightly mental blog, not that its an unusual occurrence.

I’m currently watching Blackadder whilst writing this. Since the last time I wrote on here, I’ve become totally obsessed with the show, I’ve seen every single episode, special and documentary made. Its absolutely brilliant, every character is totally perfectly written and performed – Tim McInnerny as Lord Percy Percy (pictured) in Blackadder II and Hugh Laurie as Prince Ludwig the Indestructible (Blackadder II); George, Prince of Wales, The Prince Regent (Blackadder the Third) and Lt. the Honourable George Colhurst St. Barleigh (Blackadder Goes Forth) are absolutely incredible examples of the perfectly written and performed characters, that’s without even mentioning Rowan Atkinson – as Blackadder obviously – and Tony Robinson – as Baldrick, again, obviously. I could watch Blackadder all day (I have before) without a break. Its so simple yet so creatively brilliant, by far and away my favourite comedy of all time, proven by how famous the actors in it now are (with the exceptions of Miranda Richardson, Tim McInnerny and Tony Robinson to an extent), for example, Robbie Coltrane (Hagrid in Harry Potter), Stephen Fry, Rowan Atkinson and especially Hugh Laurie are known throughout the entire world for their acting.

I’ll try and stop going on about it for a while, but I cannot promise anything. I can’t really put my finger on any significant changes since the last time I wrote as I cannot remember when the last time I wrote was. Barearse won again (beat the league leaders 5-3, incredible!), Derby are on fire and, most importantly, I’m still with Emma who I love very much, pretty sure that’s everything.

I’m getting the feeling that this is the most boring and annoying blog I have ever written. I’m probably completely correct. My mind is a little bit frazzled, probably the appalling lack of sleep I’ve been getting recently. I’m not just saying it as a teenage thing – I suspect most people are generally bullshitting or exaggerating when they say “oooohhh I’m nocturnal” or “I eat so much”, yet I’m convinced they’d be pretty shocked if they saw the little amount of sleep or large amount of food I have and consume – but I am honestly spending more time awake in the dark than I am when its light outside, only a few times in the past few weeks have I actually seen any daylight, incredible really. Its probably contributing to my eczema still getting slowly worse STILL.

Really struggling to think of anything else to write so whatever.

Adiós, friends!

Snoopy says Adiós!